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Reducing our nation's carbon footprint is a high priority of the government. The more people that actively seek to improve their energy efficiency the better it is for both the environment and your own pocket as by reducing your energy consumption you will both help to reduce emissions but more importantly reduce your household/office/warehouse energy bills.

In the current economic climate, everyone is looking at how they can save a few pounds, and by investing a small amount in new technology which is proven to give results you can save for many years to come.
A simple task such as switching a light off could be easily forgotten after a long hard day. By installing low cost PIR sensors the lights will automatically turn off when there is nobody in the room. Leaving you one less thing to think about and reducing consumption.

Furthermore by replacing old light fittings that are power hungry we can install the same lighting levels utilising the latest energy efficiency rated fittings, therefore reducing consumption and running costs which over time would even cover the cost of the initial outlay.

Installing Solar panels can reduce your National Grid electricity dependence by up to 40% and even generate income for you by feeding surplus energy back to the Grid.

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