Solar PV Panel Supply & Installation service

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Is my home/Business suitable for solar PV panels?

Solar PV panels are worth considering if you have a mainly south-facing roof with little or no shade, and you aren't thinking of moving in the near future. Although a south-facing roof would yield the best power output, a south-west or south-east-facing roof should also be fine - but you'd get less power out of the system. How much energy you could produce with solar panels - and therefore how much money you could make - will depend on:
  • the tilt angle of your roof and its orientation
  • where you live: the south-west gets more sun than the north. This could impact the amount of electricity your system will generate, although not too significantly.
At Direct Electrical we pride ourselves in offering the same level of engineering excellence in the design and installation of our Domestic systems as we do our commercial projects.
We understand that all of our clients are looking for quality, value for money and peace of mind. Our team is also acutely aware of the importance of aesthetics to residential clients, and ensure that proposed designs are sympathetic to local surroundings.

Servicing & maintenance

Solar PV requires very little maintenance. The panels have a 25 year life and need just an occasional visual check and sometimes a wash-down from the outside. The inverter in your loft will last for about 15 years before it needs changing.

What happens if there is a power cut?

You will have no electricity just the same, as all meters close down during a power cut for safety reasons.

For general information on Solar PV Panels please visit Renewable Energy Hub